About Us

Tucker & Partners – About us

Tucker & Partners provides international business development services to technology companies from around the world.  We have local business development executives in Beijing, Shanghai, London and Washington DC.

We focus on the technology sector in a very broad sense – as that is were our core skill-sets lie.  Our team members are highly experienced and most have been senior executives in Fortune 500 companies, investment banks or professional services firms.

Tucker & Partners assists companies of all sizes, not-for-profit organisations, government organisations, and non-governmental organisations by providing strategic advisory services and assisting with business development and facilitating the formation of strategic partnerships and alliances.

Although we take pride in our advisory services, it is results that count, and that is where our main focus lies – working with our clients to meet specific business objectives.  We are practical in our approach and results-driven, and to ensure alignment with our clients’ objectives, we usually share in the risks and rewards of our engagements.

One of the great advantages of using Tucker & Partners is our strategic perspective and our large network of high-level connections, whether in government or in the private sector.

Operating across different cultures is a challenge for many organisations.  In each of the countries where we operate, we have local executives who understand the local language and business culture.

Please refer to our local websites for further information on how we may be able to assist you: