GSA Contracts

Government Marketing: GSA Contracts

In many cases, a company’s ability to sell to the federal government will be considerably enhanced if it has a GSA contract or other government-wide acquisition contract. For government sales over $25,000, a GSA contract often makes closing a sale straightforward. Instead of going through a detailed proposal- development process, which can take several months, a sale can often be finalized in a matter of weeks. For many federal agencies, buying off a GSA contract is the preferred way of doing business. If your competition has a GSA contract and your company does not – you are at a disadvantage.

Our team includes GSA contract experts who help our clients to deal with all aspects of preparation, negotiation and administration of GSA contacts:

  • Preparing a GSA offer. Preparing a GSA offer is time-consuming and tedious. Take a look at the GSA website and download an appropriate schedule and you will understand why many companies prefer to hire specialists for this task. Tucker & Partners will help you to select the most appropriate schedule and prepare an offer for submission to the GSA.
  • Negotiations with the GSA. Negotiating the contract with the GSA is a critical point in the process; it is critical to ensure that your contract’s terms, conditions, and pricing are appropriate. Our team members have negotiated many GSA contracts in the past and will guide you through every step of the negotiation and facilitate the process.
  • GSA contract management, compliance and administrative support. Once a GSA contract has been awarded, we will enter contract information into the required online systems (GSA Advantage) and provide contract compliance training. We also provide on-going administrative and compliance support, including the addition or subtraction of products or services offered via the contract vehicle.

A GSA contract is not a guarantee of any business – rather, it is a framework contract that provides an efficient mechanism for closing a sale. Unless you promote and market your products or services to relevant government agencies, you are unlikely to make any sales.