Gateway to Europe

Gateway to the Europe

If you wish to expand your business into Europe, the UK and London is a good place to start.

  • Economy. London is the powerhouse of the British economy. London and the South East of England account for over two-thirds of GDP. London is by far the largest market in Europe for financial services including insurance, commercial banking, investment banking, fund management, private equity, and venture capital. The South East is strong in software, IT, telecoms, technology, professional services and government related businesses.
  • Business-friendly. London is probably the most cosmopolitan, entrepreneurial and business-friendly city in Europe.
  • Capital markets. London is also a good place to access capital markets. Many foreign companies now choose to list on the London AIM market in preference to US capital markets thanks to the low cost of obtaining and maintaining a listing in London, a relatively light regulatory regime (no Sarbanes Oxley!), and access to greater liquidity.
  • Reputation / corporate governance.  British companies have a reputation for good corporate governance and regulation that supports good corporate governance.
  • Location. From London it is easy to reach most of the major cities in Europe within in two hours.
Many companies choose London for their European headquarters for the above reasons.
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