T&P China Team

Tucker & Partners:  China Team

Key members of the Tucker & Partners’ China team include:


Christopher Tucker, CEO.  

Christopher is based in London UK, but frequently visits China.  He is experienced in international business, investment banking, venture capital and the technology sector. See biography>>


Neil Blakeman, Senior Adviser, China 

Neil Blakeman is based in the UK and provides strategic advice on all aspects of doing business in China.  Neil is the UK Government’s ex-Director of Trade & Investment in China.  Prior to that he was the International Trade Advisor for the South West Region of the UK with UK Trade & Investment.  See biography>>


Li Junqing, Head of China Team

Li Junqing (“Li”) is based in Shanghai.  He was educated at Chinese and British universities and is an experienced Chinese businessman.  Li speaks Mandarin and English.  Li is responsible for business development, logistics and local support services.


Fred Bassnett, International Business Adviser

Fred is based in London and has a wealth of international business and management experience.  He has worked extensively in the Far East and in the USA.  As well as director roles in the retail sector, Fred has over a decade of experience in working with UK Trade & Investment as an international trade adviser. Fred speaks English.  See biography>>